Here goes nothing… ~first post~

I’m new to this whole “blog” thing and have absolutely no idea what to expect. For the record, this is for fun, and serves as a resource to anyone curious about the life of Top Shelf. I will post my story of my journey in the medical marijuana world, but for now.. This will have to suffice.

Nothing gets me giddy like a bag of fresh dispensary top shelf. The aroma, just the SIGHT of tri-come’y goodness. Gah. I’m gettin’ the butterflies just thinking about it. Here’s what I picked up today, just in time for *SUPER Bowl* Sunday (Go Seahawks, by the way):

Two sativa strains; LA Confidential and Platinum Grape Ape. My beau had recently told me about LA Confidential, and said nothing but good things about the strain. The dispensary came by today and sure enough, I had a Mason Jar full of LA in my face, so I couldn’t resist. I also purchased some Blue Dream hash. Hash is old-school, and you can never go wrong with such a thing. A great daytime concoction; LA+Blue Dream.

 photo LA_zps14b08c34.jpg


Look at that beauty.

I’m truly grateful to be a Washingtonian… Or as we say it here in Vancouver, WashinSTONIAN. Here’s to a new blog about pot and a new journey ahead. Please feel free to leave your input. I’m up for some constructive criticism. Or criticism in general. Lol.



    1. Oooh, I like the way you smoke. Northern Lights is absolutely heavenly. Definitely one of my favorite strains! And Raspberry is my beau’s fave strain. Great taste! And thank you for taking the time to read my blog and leave a comment 🙂 much appreciated!

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