My Story in the Medical Cannabis World

I took my first hit of some shaky-shake in a small little pipe when I was 17-years-old. That was three years ago.

My dad had always said: “If you smoke ANYTHING, I’ll kick your ass.” So naturally, I abided by his rules for a good chunk of time before my curiosity got the best of me. But first thing’s first; my past. I mean, not really, because who cares? But, you need a little back story in order to follow this.

When I was 15, I entered my first year of high school… And no, this isn’t a drowned-out, AA-speech of a story. No. I was depressed, and transitioning from an alternative, Montessori-based middle school to a Catholic, all-girls high school. Yay. Had a rough time, dappled with a stint that landed me suspended from school my freshman year and had me shell shocked by reality and the challenges of dealing with depression, anxiety, etc.

I stopped experimenting with risky behaviors and became a heavy drinker. I never knew what it was like to feel tipsy because I always went straight to getting drunk. Even though it was fun, and made some unforgettable memories, I picked up that small glass pipe, my 17-year-old self, and smoked something that I had no idea would change my life forever.

Mary Jane, Ganja, Herb, Pot, Weed, Dank, Fire… Whatever you call it, marijuana is something that was created for a reason. I won’t lecture about the obvious, but this *pardon my language* fuckin’ PLANT is so beneficial, I can’t even handle it sometimes.

* * *

After adjusting to my surroundings, I was diagnosed with a general anxiety disorder and was dappling with a then, three-year battle with anorexia up to my knees. I was frail, pumped up with medications, I couldn’t function. I became a zombie. I had no idea how to control my anxiety, the food restriction; ANYTHING without a pill. I was at a loss. Until I turned 17.

I always tell people, If I could be 17 again, I totally would be. It’s true! I found myself. I had a great group of genuine friends, finally making progress in school… But… I still hadn’t found something that helped me cope with some of the “shit” I had going on in my life.

One of my close friends, Cameron, was the first to “educate” me on Pot 101, so to say. All I really knew was that ya smoked the stuff, probably from a pipe, and that that you’d get in big trouble if you were caught with it. I was slightly hesitant at first, but then I found myself getting handed that pipe, so I did what everyone said: “SUCK!”

…I didn’t get high. Or at least, I never remember getting completely blitzed outta my mind the first time, that’s for damn sure. BUT! I realized what I had been missing out on for so long: no anxiety, having an appetite (wasn’t used to that at all), and overall, just feeling awesome. It was very social for me to smoke pot for the first couple times, and to me, the social aspect made it communal. Very spiritual. And to this day, I see marijuana as a spiritual outlet.

You can say I didn’t leave until I bought a bag for myself, and was at the glass shop the  next day having my 18-year-old buddy of mine purchase my first pipe. A milestone.

I got into weed like anyone would. Then, in 2012, Washington State legalized recreational marijuana use. Then, I realized it was time to start working on the process of my medical cannabis card. I didn’t actually get my “green” card until a year and a half later, but I realized this was the life for me.

Skip to 2013 now…

2013. My god that was a year for me. One of the best, worst, exciting, challenging (understatement) year of my life. To be honest, I’m surprised I’m still alive typing this out now. I met the love of my life, we’ll call him, L. He’s the light of my life, my one. I love him. We went through a lot in 2013, but together, we also entered a new year full of possibilities and a life worth living. I had finally gotten my medical cannabis card while I was living with L. Life changing. Absolutely life changing. Since he knew the onsie-twosies about marijuana, especially medical marijuana, he was my guru. He’s still my guru today!

It’s been 7 years since I started what I call “the beginning of the end.” In other words, my eating disorder. I’d be lying if  I said I’m recovered and not restricting, but the progress is certainly there, and having the medical marijuana card really allows me to seek a natural alternative and still live a perfectly normal, non-zombie life.

Now, I’m blogging about my experiences with medical marijuana, the BEAUTIFUL strains I stumble upon, and any additional resources I can post that will help you as the audience  navigate your way through the MM world.

Who’s ready to get started? I will be once I load a bowl.
Stay hazy,

Me, circa November 27th, 2013. The day I got my MM card

Me, circa November 27th, 2013. The day I got my MM card


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