*Green* Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

 photo I_Love_Weed_zpsea37e6f8.jpg

If you’re not a traditional person, and you’d actually like to see your Valentine’s Day money go to good use, this post might just be what you need to charm that special someone (or family member… or friend. This could really be for anyone who’s 420 friendly!).

I’m  a big Valentine’s Day fan just because I’ve got a heart sewn on my sleeve and the overall color scheme of VDay is probably the best thing ever because I love pink.

But with all kidding aside, here’s a brief tutorial on how to spice up your holidays with a little Mary Jane in mind. I thought of this idea and then Googled it for the tutorials. I do not in any way take ownership to the pictures and instructions to any of these projects. All rights reserved.

All of the gifts you’re about to see were inspired by 420 Times’ Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Lover. Enjoy!

Godiva Ain’t Got Nothin’ on THESE Chocolates 
 photo 82735f3f26d55fd7ecc81106b6cef53c_zps894b773b.jpg

What better what to say “I love you” than with this awesome box of… weed! You can even eat the chocolate that comes in those heart-shaped boxes so you’ve got room to put the nugs in there… See? Everyone wins. You can even go a little above and beyond and add a small glass piece with it to really score points. Another idea is a cool lighter, if you don’t have the budget to add a pipe/piece.

And for the overly ambitious…

 photo red-velvet-cannabis-marijuana-cupcakes_zps44653c9b.jpg

Red velvet weed cupcakes would be awesome for someone who’s great in the kitchen. I personally would not be able to tackle this, but this would really be something fierce. Here’s the full red velvet cannabis cupcakes recipe if you are interested.


 photo images_zps105daedc.jpeg

Some people could really care less about what’s printed on their underwear, but I like to keep my tush looking cute no matter what; even though no one’s gonna see my underwear, it’s still fun to pick out cute panties every once in a while. What girl doesn’t? Even if they don’t admit it, they do appreciate it. I love these pair of underwear. Down to the pink, too. So perfect. If you’re interested in these, check out Cafe Press’ collection.

And for that man in your life…

 photo d728b811-6291-4110-920a-d7b24ce85328_zps358b4ef6.jpg

I know HufWorldwide is getting really mainstream, but I couldn’t resist with these pot leaf boxers. If your man loves boxers, then this is what you’ve gotta get him!

52 Things I Love About You – Mary Jane Edition 

 photo 51SSCnugs3L_SY300__zps7d75c653.jpg

Last year, I made my beau a deck of cards containing “52 things” I loved about him. It was awesome, and totally creative. What a cool way to spruce it up than by purchasing this number instead of regular playing cards. What a cool flair. Find them on Amazon for under $5.


So, if all else fails, you can just buy an eighth and call it good. Happy Valentine’s Day in advance, and stay green.



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