Nighttime Bowls to Sooth the Mind

I picked up my little bubbler pipe today and loaded a nice bowl of top shel Ogre and blue dream hash; still working on the hash. I got a lot of it specifically for alternating it between sativa and indica flowers.

Now I’m nice and hazy, and I hope all of you are, too

 photo photo2_zps50576b66.jpg

We got this bubbler as a holiday special after splurging on a nice bong lol. Small, but does the job. And was free! Heyyy.

So yeah, this is a great combo. Knocks you on your ass, but still keeps you functional if you need to do things before you passsssss out. Blue dream is a sativa dominant, but once you feel the sativa wearing off, you get the indica couch lock like crazy. It’s nice

Peace and prosperity,



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