Late Night God Breath Smoke-Out

Yet again, I sit up wondering if I have to go to school… This Northwest weather is killer. And I’m loving the snow days off. Fingers crossed that I don’t have to go to school tomorrow. Whining too much? Maybe. But whatever.

I called up a dispensary I actually stopped going to, only because a lot of people weren’t operating due to the snow. They were awesome and super nice; but my beau noticed that the Girl Scout Cookie (will post a picture of the flowers later) didn’t necessarily look like the typical GSC, but with all said and done, I got enough to last me through this blizzard and even scored a little God Breath wax.

I just wanted something to put on top of my bowls for night. I’ve had chronic insomnia since I can remember having sleeping problems. I’d love to one day get of these awful pills the doctor has me on, and so far, my night time concoction is my sleeping pills, Benadryl; to knock me out, and for a boost, a bowl of top shelf indica and something to put on top of it, be it hash, wax, etc.

This wax is a heavy indica, and really takes the edge off of things. I’m melting in the bed. It’s gewwwwd. If you ever come across God Breath wax, buy a gram and try it out.

 photo photo7_zpsab49f41a.jpg


Here’s an action shot of it. Ain’t she a beauty? Here’s to good vibes and hopefully, maybe another snow day off tomorrow? Maybe I’m just getting my hopes up.

Stay hazy,



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