Jedi Review: My New Favorite

So, I was never a big sativa fan because it doesn’t too well with my anxiety, but if I smoke indicas during the day, I’m good as dead to everyone.

Once I started appreciating the functionality sativas serve, I realized I like the “uppers” better than the “downers” overall. But I have to say, nothing beats a heavy indica before bed.

I called the dispensary yesterday and scored on some awesome findings. Well, my beau stepped in and scored some awesome findings (thanks babe) and I have to say, I’m a happy camper. I was skeptical about Jedi just because I had another sativa in mind, but my beau directed me in the right direction and got me an eighth of this awesome bud.

It’s extremely functional, almost as much as Girl Scout Cookie, which is higher in CBD than it is psychoactive, but still gives you a prominent buzz. I’m a MM patient, but I still get paranoid about being “too stoned” while I’m at school… Not with Jedi. Like I said, it’s very functional and I can’t get over how awesome I feel, yet I don’t feel impaired in the slightest. It makes me happy.

 photo photo12_zps47977bc0.jpg
Look at that fatty. There ya go. Jedi. If you’ve got it at your local dispensary and can pick up a good eighth or more of it, DO IT.


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