5 of the BEST Munchies:

Are you stoned and… Hungry? You probably are. I am right now. If you’re just sitting there, fantasizing  about the idea of food, but have no idea what to eat, stay tuned. Here’s a complete list of what’s essential to eat when you’re trying to fill a munchies void. NOTE: If you’re vegetarian, vegan or dieting… You probably won’t like my list of munchies ): ¡Losiento!

1. Obviously I’m going to start this out with the original Munchies: 

 photo 14771751_201310211428_zps7c665ea1.jpg

Totally Ranch, dude! I often find myself going to the gas station just to grab a bag of ranch Munchies. Who wouldn’t? These are sex in a bag; just enough to satisfy your chip/hand food craving. An absolute must in your pantry.

2. For the Less Lazy; My Personal Favorite and a Stoner Tradition – Mac & Cheese

 photo 510S8T8PC0L_SY300__zps183a2cb4.jpg

For those of you who aren’t lazy like me, grab yourself a box (or 2, or 3 or 5 million…) of Annie’s Organic Mac & Cheese. My personal favorite for a chill smoke sesh is the peace pasta. It’s parmesan, and the noodles are peace signs. One Love.

3. Cheese Lovers Unite 

 photo Dominos_Pizza_cheesy_bread-thumb-590x442-95125_zps8be64f13.jpg

Lord have mercy. If this picture doesn’t get you wet in the pants, I don’t know what will. The thing I love about Domino’s is that I can order on my iPad, and have them deliver my food to my lazy ass when I’m stoned. Nothing feels better than when that door bell rings and you’ve got the aroma of pizza and cheesy bread hitting your face. Oh. How I want some cheesy bread now.

4. I Don’t Go a Day Without My Black Bean Chips

 photo black-bean-salsa-21_zps40a70984.jpg

Okay, so this picture made me salivate, so I decided to post it, but it doesn’t really depict the kind of black bean chips I really like… They’re brown, and! Gluten-free. You can find them in the organic section of your grocery store. I’m obsessed, and have been for 20 years. Weed just makes them so much better. I don’t even eat them with salsa usually, but here’s an awesome, easy black bean salsa recipe shown above: here! 

5. Last but Not Least: A True Classic

 photo 20110712-pudding-jello_zpse1c56896.jpg


No, I don’t want dark chocolate, I don’t want vanilla (yuck!) I want the original Jell-O chocolate pudding. So yum, and so satisfying than a cup-full of a chocolate pudding. Well, for me, I always finish the whole pack in one sitting haha.



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