Goodnight Bowls With My Friend, Ogre

Cannabis doesn’t usually knock me out, but I’ve finally found a strain in my area that quite literally puts me on my ass. It’s also a wonder for my anxiety, which I’ve been dealing with lately. Meh.

Anyway; I love how awesome Ogre is. It’s calming, wonderful with a sprinkle of hash in the big bong. And like I said, it really helps with my anxiety. I also had a pounding headache today, and this stuff was awesome for pain relief.

 photo photo11_zps040b2be4.jpg

 photo photo23_zps6ebd4fe4.jpg


…Sorry my fingers are the furthest thing from manicured; work rules. Anyway. If you get a chance to snag some of this, do it. It’s a wonderful indica, coming from a chronic insomniac

Stay hazy,


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