Black Cherry Soda Review

We were running low on sativas today, so we shoveled out a little money and called a new dispensary. This guy was our age; a 20-something. He told us today that cannabis strengthens your immune system, so you’re less likely to catch colds or get sick. Just a little tidbit for the day. You may have known this, but I thought it was certainly cool. We’ve got a lot to work with, and we really can establish a better quality of life for everyone.

With that being said, here’s Black Cherry Soda:

 photo photo17_zps616c50df.jpg


Really great sativa. Functional, but awesome buzz. It’s kind of a creeper, too. Doesn’t hit ya until a minute or two after. It’s really great, though. My anxiety is minimal, and I’m still able to clean and get all my stuff done without the couch lock. That’s why I love me some sativas.

You can tell they look very much like sativas. Like I said, very functional. That’s why I like it a lot. Very fresh, Grade A++. If this is being grown at your local dispensary, be on the look out for it!

Stay hazy,



  1. I prefer the sativas for their functional and energetic high. With a nice sativa buzz on I can take only two to three minute breaks from work before I’m bored with doing nothing and eager to/have to get back to work to get things done. Fun stuff! 🙂

    1. I agree, a nice top shelf sativa is awesome for busting out the homework, and gettin’ stuff done! It’s a close toss-up for me. I’ll just settle with a hybrid!

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