OG Kush Review

I know.

I’ve been slackin’ on the posts lately. Life has been chaotic and busy. More than usual. So as the pre-Spring Break jitters set in, I bought some new top shelf because the half ounce we won has served its purpose, and I was dry.

We have our “top 3” dispensaries that we always go to, and I wasn’t trying to shovel over a ton of money. We took our risks when we got the $50 quarter, soooo… What do you guys think? It doesn’t stink, and it’s kind of harsh. The buds weren’t that pretty (in my opinion) at all:

 photo photo13_zps84e3d8c0.jpg

I’ve definitely had better buds. And it’s hard for me to say anything good when the buds aren’t pretty, but I’ve gotta say, this OG Kush is a creeeeeeper. At first, it’s super harsh, and you’re coughing up a lung, but then it hits you and it’s a great buzz, perfect for the anxiety too. It’s a functional hybrid. I definitely felt the speedy sativa feeling, and right as I felt the sativa going away, the indica is setting in, and just in time! Class is done, I don’t work until tomorrow, relax.

 photo photo24_zps005ac0ea.jpg

Here’s another action shot out side of the bag. What do you think about OG Kush? So far, so good, despite the ugly buds.

Stay hazy,


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