Purple God Bud Review

This outdoor-grown indica has got me on my ass tonight. Sheesh.

We were running low, so we called the dispensary again, and this is what they had:

 photo photo21_zps610c3e2c.jpg

It looks and smells like outdoor-grown bud for sure. It feels very indica’y and it definitely melted my face… Hehe. I’m testing it out as we speak. Wonderful for anxiety, I’m nearly sedated. Very clear, but you still get that indica feeling we all love. I’m going to smoke this all night long and enjoy the new premium channels Comcast gave me for free for being such assholes to me for two years – a stoner’s paradise.

This is definitely not one of my favorite buds, it doesn’t stand out, so to say, but I feel great. If you’re seeking for good anxiety relief, this is the strain.

Well, I’m off to find some food. Have a wonderful weekend, stoners.



  1. purple god bud just sounds like an epic name! if only ohio legalized it soon 😦 no dispensaries here sadly.
    check out my blog if you get the chance though 🙂 ive got a poem on there called “Flowers” and its about an acid experience

    1. oh, and it was epic indeed! maaaaan, the nation just needs to legalize altogether! i’m so sorry you’re not experiencing the top shelf life. SOON, my friend. soon. we will all be able to live a better life with god’s gift

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