Super Silver Haze Review

Now, before you hate on the shitty picture I took, let’s just appreciate the amazingness of sativas because let’s be honest, there’s no chance in hell I’d get up to go to therapy today if it weren’t for my sativas.

 photo photo23_zps1382e0d1.jpg

Shitty pic, I know. But this is most definitely Super Silver Haze from the cat-piss smelling buds and the shitty trim job.

What I like about SSH is the functionality with it, plus a nice buzz. It’s increasing my appetite way more than any sativa, so if you’re using medical cannabis for any kind of eating disorder, this is your medicine.

Like I said, very functional, but it almost feels like a hybrid, with the plateau feeling more like an indica. We shall see.

Is it worth picking up more than a quarter of it? I’d say yes. If you’re a sativa person, there’s a good chance you will fall in love.

This is kind of brief, and I can’t say it enough how shitty and sorry my picture looks today, but I’m in a little bit of a rush this afternoon. I just wanted to try this product out and review it before I left for the day.

So in that case, happy blazing,


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