Rick Simpson Oil

Have any of you lovely stoners ever heard of Rick Simpson Oil?

I had never heard of it until my beau told me about the man who “Rick Simpson approved” a certain concentrate that blows every other concentration outta the water.

Now, mind you, concentrated cannabis is still illegal in most states, but in Washington, we can now legally possess concentrates!

Well, a man Rick Simpson created a concentrate that’s black, and almost looks like dope more than concentrate. Now that it is legal, I am writing about this, and posting pictures. Have any of you guys heard of the oil? If so, how did you like it? Did you get it from your local dispensary?

 photo IMG_5369_zps1d248146.jpg

My beau made this; it was very stick and verrrrrry geeewwwd.
Just another legal reminder to smoke this at your own risk. It is not for the novice smoker. It’s still new, and people are dosing themselves with way too much of this stuff, so BE CAREFUL!

With that, I leave you with you Rick Simpson.
Stay hazy,


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