OGRE IS BACK! *Mega Review*

I’m so pleased to say that I’ve got my beloved indica back, Ogre!

 photo photo25_zps77546b4e.jpg

Look at that beauty.

So, in honor of my favorite strain, I’ve decided to capture the pure brilliance and post a mega review! Yayyy.

One of our “top 3” dispensaries is opened until 9:30, thank you Lord for dispensaries opened late. My hat goes off to you!

Ogre became a strain they grew again, and just so happen to have on them when they got here (: Ogre is amazing for any of you insomniacs out there. It is quite literally one of the only strains that leaves an impression on my insomnia. I never find a bud that knocks me to my ass.

If you’re seeking anxiety relief, insomnia, eating disorder relief, or pain relief – this is your go-to strain!

 photo photo33_zps5c13641d.jpg

Here’s another shot. What a pow to the face. I love this stuff so much.

I can’t say it enough, it’s perfect for insomnia. I’m a chronic insomnia, and this KRONIC is God’s Gift! ❤

 photo photo15_zps76c7c8de.jpg

Yay for Ogre!

I’m also smoking this indica with some lovely hash – I’ll write another post about it later, but here’s a preview of what I’ve been putting on top of my bowls; perfect for my anxiety, nausea from my medications and most importantly, my insomnia.

 photo photo4_zpsfecd932f.jpg

I love it! A wonderful mix.

Now, I’m going to retreat to my chamber and munch on some munchies.
Stay hazy,


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