Trial Strains: Pineapple

It was a good day, yesterday. I talked to a really upbeat guy from an amazing dispensary in Washington.

He is a Vietnam veteran who was seeking medicine. The only medicine that helped him was cannabis, so when he contacted TJ’s Organic Farms in Vancouver he was offered a job immediately and has enjoy the life of Top Shelf.

He was awesome to talk to. He knew his buds, and was very enthusiastic about the strains.

So, I dug for some more of that trial bud. They have a bunch of trial strains in the farmhouse, constantly getting tossed because it doesn’t meet the grower’s highest expectations; which they then sell for $60 a half ounce. And let me tell you, it’s not even their Grade A and it’s AMAZING!

I wanted something more of a hybrid; I couldn’t do a heavy indica because I need something for school. So, we got the trial strain of Pineapple:

 photo IMG_5623_zpsf03be5ad.jpg

Look at how pretty it is. And it’s not even their “good” stuff… That’s what blows me away.

I love this cannabis because sometimes, it’s wonderful for a chill smoke sesh, great for a smoker looking for something mellow. However, it’s a wonderful sativa dominant so I’ve been doing laundry and cleaning the house all day. It’s truly God’s Gift.

 photo IMG_5624_zps45d94c35.jpg

Another action shot. I wish I got the whole jar of buds; this picture just doesn’t even do it justice. But even the little buds on the scale look mightyyy fine.

If you’re searching for some of the best weed you’ll ever smoke, I suggest you look no further than TJ’s Organic Gardens. They’re in Washington, but are internationally known. They are also going to be featured in Dope Magazine next month! Too cool. They’re fantastic. I can’t stop gushing about them. I think I might interview the driver again. How do you guys feel about that? How medical cannabis has changed someone’s life? Yeah.

I thought I had tried the best of the best, but I didn’t until I went to TJ’s. I highly recommend.

Anyway, that’s my insight on Pineapple. A wonderful sativa dominant hybrid that’s excellent for pretty much everything

Stay hazy,



    1. HAHA! DAMMIT. i knew someone would catch the dirty coke scale…… no worries, only bud has been weighed on that in the last year and a half.. as for the pineapple… isn’t it lovely?? it’s not ever their Grade A, which baffles me. I’m zootered. You should check out their website! apparently, almost half of the US countries have passed bills to legalize marijuana! hope you’re close (:

      1. πŸ™‚ So far, so good! I live out in the middle of nowhere so it’s a 90 mile trip to the nearest recreational shop — 40 to the nearest med dispensary if I were to somehow acquire a red (medical) card. Between the distance and the high prices I’m thinking that my indoor tomato growing setup might be “repurposed”. I might have room enough for only two flowering plants at a time, but that’d probably be enough for just my own use. πŸ™‚

        The Denver Cannabis Cup is just three weeks away, but it’s over four hours drive time each way so I’m going to just read about it online.

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