MORE Medibles

Or as mis amigos y yo dice a trabajo; ¡más mota!

We have one dispensary thus far that sells medibles actually worth buying. Usually, I try and review a medible, and I have nothing but bad things to say; tastes too much like Budder, doesn’t get me buzzed at all, still groggy the next day… The list goes on.

However, this dispensary uses a special recipe that gets you zoooootered. Great for any medical patient. My boyfriend who is an experienced smoker, gets trashed from these Ginger Snap Cookies. Ginger is a good ingredient for stomach pain, nausea and gets rid of the Budder taste pretty well.

 photo IMG_5619_zps296db7ef.jpg

The bags are even holiday-themed. How cute.

Their WeedMaps menus says there’s six to a pack, but we only got four… Grrr… If you want to know how I really feel about the dispensary, inquire me for the link to their page. The only they did right are these damn edibles… I find it odd; everything else they sell, their customer service also, just isn’t pleasant, but! Their medibles are to die for, and it leaves me somewhat confused. Maybe I’m just stoned. Lol.

Anyway. We got a lot of them. We’ll have a good weekend, I hope you do too.
Stay hazy,


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