Trial Strains: Pineapple

It was a good day, yesterday. I talked to a really upbeat guy from an amazing dispensary in Washington.

He is a Vietnam veteran who was seeking medicine. The only medicine that helped him was cannabis, so when he contacted TJ’s Organic Farms in Vancouver he was offered a job immediately and has enjoy the life of Top Shelf.

He was awesome to talk to. He knew his buds, and was very enthusiastic about the strains.

So, I dug for some more of that trial bud. They have a bunch of trial strains in the farmhouse, constantly getting tossed because it doesn’t meet the grower’s highest expectations; which they then sell for $60 a half ounce. And let me tell you, it’s not even their Grade A and it’s AMAZING!

I wanted something more of a hybrid; I couldn’t do a heavy indica because I need something for school. So, we got the trial strain of Pineapple:

 photo IMG_5623_zpsf03be5ad.jpg

Look at how pretty it is. And it’s not even their “good” stuff… That’s what blows me away.

I love this cannabis because sometimes, it’s wonderful for a chill smoke sesh, great for a smoker looking for something mellow. However, it’s a wonderful sativa dominant so I’ve been doing laundry and cleaning the house all day. It’s truly God’s Gift.

 photo IMG_5624_zps45d94c35.jpg

Another action shot. I wish I got the whole jar of buds; this picture just doesn’t even do it justice. But even the little buds on the scale look mightyyy fine.

If you’re searching for some of the best weed you’ll ever smoke, I suggest you look no further than TJ’s Organic Gardens. They’re in Washington, but are internationally known. They are also going to be featured in Dope Magazine next month! Too cool. They’re fantastic. I can’t stop gushing about them. I think I might interview the driver again. How do you guys feel about that? How medical cannabis has changed someone’s life? Yeah.

I thought I had tried the best of the best, but I didn’t until I went to TJ’s. I highly recommend.

Anyway, that’s my insight on Pineapple. A wonderful sativa dominant hybrid that’s excellent for pretty much everything

Stay hazy,


MORE Medibles

Or as mis amigos y yo dice a trabajo; ¡más mota!

We have one dispensary thus far that sells medibles actually worth buying. Usually, I try and review a medible, and I have nothing but bad things to say; tastes too much like Budder, doesn’t get me buzzed at all, still groggy the next day… The list goes on.

However, this dispensary uses a special recipe that gets you zoooootered. Great for any medical patient. My boyfriend who is an experienced smoker, gets trashed from these Ginger Snap Cookies. Ginger is a good ingredient for stomach pain, nausea and gets rid of the Budder taste pretty well.

 photo IMG_5619_zps296db7ef.jpg

The bags are even holiday-themed. How cute.

Their WeedMaps menus says there’s six to a pack, but we only got four… Grrr… If you want to know how I really feel about the dispensary, inquire me for the link to their page. The only they did right are these damn edibles… I find it odd; everything else they sell, their customer service also, just isn’t pleasant, but! Their medibles are to die for, and it leaves me somewhat confused. Maybe I’m just stoned. Lol.

Anyway. We got a lot of them. We’ll have a good weekend, I hope you do too.
Stay hazy,

Cannabis Kicks Lyme Disease

THIS IS WHY WE NEED TO LEGALIZE CANNABIS ALTOGETHER. A MUST READ!! We enjoy your company...Keep coming back!

A view of the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi, which causes Lyme, captured by an electron microscope. Photo by CDC/Claudia Molins A view of the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi, which causes Lyme, captured by an electron microscope. Photo by CDC/Claudia Molins

(NaturalNews) Lyme disease has been controversial for some years. Many medical practitioners misdiagnose it, while several think that it’s mental. With Lyme disease, there are so many symptoms, so many debilitating, agonizing manifestations, that it’s often misdiagnosed as multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, lupus or a mental issue.

Lyme disease is caused by a spirochetal bacteria of the Borrelia genus. Spirochetes are composed of about 40% DNA and have double-membrane envelopes that make them difficult to trace and kill. They’re apparently able to hide in deep tissue and change shapes to disguise their identities.

They’re somewhat similar to the bacteria behind syphilis, as Lyme disease affects the nervous system and brain also.

Going through the medical system with Lyme disease is like being a ball in an old fashioned pinball game machine…

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OGRE IS BACK! *Mega Review*

I’m so pleased to say that I’ve got my beloved indica back, Ogre!

 photo photo25_zps77546b4e.jpg

Look at that beauty.

So, in honor of my favorite strain, I’ve decided to capture the pure brilliance and post a mega review! Yayyy.

One of our “top 3” dispensaries is opened until 9:30, thank you Lord for dispensaries opened late. My hat goes off to you!

Ogre became a strain they grew again, and just so happen to have on them when they got here (: Ogre is amazing for any of you insomniacs out there. It is quite literally one of the only strains that leaves an impression on my insomnia. I never find a bud that knocks me to my ass.

If you’re seeking anxiety relief, insomnia, eating disorder relief, or pain relief – this is your go-to strain!

 photo photo33_zps5c13641d.jpg

Here’s another shot. What a pow to the face. I love this stuff so much.

I can’t say it enough, it’s perfect for insomnia. I’m a chronic insomnia, and this KRONIC is God’s Gift! ❤

 photo photo15_zps76c7c8de.jpg

Yay for Ogre!

I’m also smoking this indica with some lovely hash – I’ll write another post about it later, but here’s a preview of what I’ve been putting on top of my bowls; perfect for my anxiety, nausea from my medications and most importantly, my insomnia.

 photo photo4_zpsfecd932f.jpg

I love it! A wonderful mix.

Now, I’m going to retreat to my chamber and munch on some munchies.
Stay hazy,

Berkley Blues Trial Strain Review!

We’ve had the absolute pleasure to have purchased such amazing marijuana from a dispensary that is known nationwide. They gave a copy of a popular cannabis magazine, where they won a few great titles and 3rd place in a worldwide competition for best strains.

Let’s just say, I’m never buying bud from another dispensary. They’re minimum is $100, which is not too pleasing for a customer on a budget, but it is definitely worth the splurge. Even their “lower quality” buds are just fantastic. You take one bong rip and your face is melted.

I’m so sad, because we’re running low of it already… ):

So, pretty much, the grower was using this strain as a trial strain, which eventually didn’t end up making it on his menu, but let me tell ya, it is something else. It sticks out from all the marijuana I’ve smoked, by far. I thought I had smoked “the best of the best.” Well, I was wrong. Even though it was just trial bud, it rocks your socks off.

 photo photo25_zps77546b4e.jpg

It feels like a hybrid. At times, very sativa’y, but it definitely puts you out by the end. I swear, I could barely get out of bed today to run errands. I never thought I’d be saying this, but Berkley Blues has by far surpassed all my expectations when it comes to medical cannabis. It actually helps with my anxiety, and that’s a first for marijuana.

This strain is great for:
•Eating Disorders
•Chronic Pain

 photo photo26_zps203c3ff1.jpg

I know this picture isn’t the prettiest, but this bud is seriously so amazing. I don’t think anyone can get this strain unless you’re in the same county in Washington state as me, but it’s definitely something worth sharing. If you’re interested in the man behind this wonderful bud, you can check out his dispensary at TJ’s Gardens. It’s worth a look.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. For now,

Question: Where Do You See Our Nation in the Next 10 Years?

It’s already legal in the state of Washington to recreationally smoke marijuana…

Where do you think we as a nation will be in ten years? Do you think we will progress? Marijuana is still considered a “criminal act” in over half of our US states. Do you think in 10 years, marijuana will be legalized completely?

Just curious.
Leave your comments, I’m interested.


Oregon’s Youngest Medical Cannabis Patient Is Now Cancer Free


Patients for Medical Cannabis

From Activist Post

Paediatric cannabis therapy is saving children. Awareness is the most important thing at this moment.

The anti-tumor effects of cannabinoids and THC have been demonstrated for quite some time now. In the 1980s, cannabinoid receptors were discovered in the human brain, which made it obvious that our body has to synthesize something that binds to these receptors. Our bodies produce these compounds in our own endocannabinoid system, which is now known to be responsible for a number of biological functions. This is why the plant has such a wide therapeutic potential for multiple diseases, including cancer.

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